About Me

Since 2010, Avani has been imparting knowledge and helping others to learn French. Avani and her sister were made to learn French when they were in fourth grade. In the initial stage she paid no heed to the language but when she got intrigued into French and she explored it. She believed that “French is the language of love” and continued learning it.

The tryst with language started when Avani started working with a start-up company as a marketing manager and was appointed as an international marketing manager, solely because Avani had her hands on the language and dealt with European clients.

Avani started pursuing French professionally and got an offer from Symbiosis Noida. There she worked as a lecturer and tutored students. The remark was set when Avani felt the need of a good French book which was easy to understand and made pronunciation easier and wrote one “FRENCH WITH EASE” by Avani Kukreja and currently she is writing a few more books.

After doing her MBA in international business, she got a corporate job and simultaneously she taught students to gain an additional income and it was then when she realised that corporate was not a cut-out for her and teaching was the profession Avani’s heart followed as it makes one extra humble and kind.

Avani’s teaching methods include watching French movies, listening songs with her students and decoding it with them and more such fun activities which makes it much easier to learn French. Avani consider herself a student who is still learning therefore in her class you are never alone.